I am Margie Cartwright, proprietor of Mythical Genetics, a home craft business that creates soft-sculpture toys from remnant and recycled fabrics, garage sale items, thrift store finds, and anything that strikes my fancy, anywhere, anytime...the exception is clothing currently worn by other people that looks like a dragon hide to me, because people tend to react badly to being asked for the shirt off their backs by a stranger in a Wal-Mart. Go figure, right?  In any case, the eclectic nature of my materials adds a unique flavor to my creations...no two alike.


As the name of my business suggests, my custom-designed soft-sculpture pets represent mythical creatures, mostly dragons in assorted sizes; these range from Hatchlings that fit into your hand, all the way to five-foot monsters that stretch across a decent-sized dining table. Of course, I sell my creations; I do not only do dragons, but gargoyles, griffins, travel pillows in whimsical shapes, and bodice/hat decorations, I'm working all the time on making new designs.  Planned projects in the works include dragon/unicorn draft stoppers, jewelry, even hats. I gratefully accept ideas from anyone who'd like to make a suggestion, and my prices are considered amazingly reasonable, mostly because I really enjoy making this stuff. You can check out a document in the notes, Pricing and Ordering Information.    


Each creature comes with a "hatching certificate," bearing its name and yours, just for fun, and I enjoy trying to create custom critters as long as the requests are reasonable; for example, I can't make you one big enough to ride!  If I could do that, I'd have one! Feel free to browse our albums, and if you see something that strikes your fancy, contact us here at this site.  You can also check out our Facebook site, https://www.facebook.com/MythicalGenetics


At some point in time, I will also be starting a "dragon tales," section for those who've already adopted one of our critters; they do seem to take on lives of their own, and I hear all the time about their personalities, their antics, what they like to do and what mischief they get into.  Some of them have more jewelry than I do, which is saying a lot!  Many of them even have whole families...I have lots of repeat sales, which is great, and the terminology used always seems to be "my dragon needs a mate," or "a baby," or even just a friend.  So, don't be shy! Come to our page early, come often, and someday you may find the beastie of your dreams.