It is not widely known, but dragons have taught humanity many usefull skills.  Among them are the taming of fire, and later, its applications in the making of glass.  One may picture primitive humans watching a bored young dragon from a distance, one idly puffing gouts of flame while basking in the sun on a beach.  One puff stikes the sand, and introduces the beauty of fused silica to both dragons and humans.


Dragon glass is especially lovely.  Made with the fire of dragon's breath, it contains trace elements found in the chemical makeup of that exhalation, products of the dragon's diet. Dragons, depending on their habitat, environment and breed, may eat anything: minerals, meat, fish, plants. Domesticated dragons, of course, eat human food when they can get away with it, so their expelled breath takes on colors not found in Nature, as well as a chemically induced brilliance.  Potato chips, ice cream, Jiffy Pop, Cheetos...companion dragons love them, and they're better off doing glass blowing than setting fire to the cat with a random belch. Our Orbs of Captureed Fire are ocupational therapy for bored dragons. The orb form of dragon glass just means that dragons like to blow bubbles.


The astute reader, by now, may have figured out that when we talk about "captured fires" we mean dragon burps trapped in natural glass, where the lambent glow of dragon flame lasts virtually forever.  Even cleverer readers might even notice that one can get gas from either end of a dragon, so yes, I'll admit that sometimes the glass is produced guessed it...dragon farts. I won't sort out which of these delicate orbs are blown by which end of our dragons. Just let it rest that sometimes one finds beauty coming from the most unusual places.


In any case, we take these Orbs of Captured Fire, and our talented beadworker, Ms. Kathy Adams, decorates these spherical objects of vapourous beauty with her own art, polishes them, enhances their already glowing color, and offers them to our discerning patrons of the (f)arts.