Hi, I’m Torchy!  ‘Member me?  I was what my hu-min Mama calls door-mint for awhile, during the winter.  I sat on top of the TV cabinet and didn’t move for long time, but I listened to TV and learned a lot. When I was un-door-mint finally, I tole Mama to use Orange Glo on her wood floors (Billy Mays sez) about Hercules Hooks, Oxy-Cleen, and germ-killing Clorox Wipes.   I learned about fiber, migraines, hemmerhoids and stuff. I learned to say BLEEP, just like they do on Maury Povich a lot (editor’s note, he really says BLEEP), and I found out I doan like Dr. Phil.  He’s a blowhard.  That’s what Mama sez.  I learned some other things Mama sez, but now I BLEEP when Mama sez those words.  Mama sez those are bad words.  I don’t think those words are bad.  The feeling Mama has when she says them is bad.  I can feel it inside when she’s mad, but that’s okay.  I can feel it inside when she luvs Daddy and the kitt-ees and me, too.  She is only a little mad some times, but the luv is all the time and is good-warm like fy-rrrr.  Mama sez em-pah-thee is what that is, when I feel what she and Daddy feel.  That’s why I had to be with hu-mins who love me and are good hu-mins.  I have this em-pah-thee thing with my hu-mins, and I won’t learn to be good if they are not good.  I will be a BAD dragon.

Another thing I am learning is that hu-mins are not always smart.  My hu-mins got a new tiny fishie just B4 I got to go outside to faire in colored-leaf time, real tiny, not even good snack.  It was like old fishie Spot-who-died-and-made-Mama-cry, who was big, but a baby one, little. I knew old fishie Spot because he was there before even my egg came to Mama and Daddy. Oscar was the kind of fishie Spot was, and Spot was big-old-mean.  He didn’t like me or kitt-ees, would make his big mouth mad face if he saw us.  Mama sez, if me or kitt-ees fall in his water box with him, BAD, drown, but there is glass on top of the fishie-water-box.  Mama taught me about the glass on top of the fishie-water-box.  Glass there, closed, good, open glass bad, can fall in, maybe drown because no room to swim or get head above water, not fly if wings very wet.  Mama sez, Torchy, make sure the glass is closed before you land, okay, good boy?  I say okay, Mama, I be careful.  Mama petted me and gave best-hottest-food, baloney, and I fry it my own self.  I luv baloney, can sing Oscar-Mayer-Weiner song!  Mama always laughs until tears come, even got me weenie-whistle online e-Bay, wear around neck.  Mama says Torchy, too young to use credit card, no-no.  BLEEP on that.  Being a good dragon stinks.   


Spot was a boy, but the new fishie is different, could see as she grew bigger.  Mama says “him” about new fishie BEM (Bug Eyed Monster) but BEM is a GIRL.  I can look right inside her and see things called ova-rees, Mama has many-many books, Torchy is home schooled, reads about insides of other alives, people, fishies, kitt-ees, looks inside of them sometimes.  It is like Superman X-ray vision, see old TV show and lotsa Superman cartoons, we got satta-lite. thing on top of house.  Mama is not smart because she didn’t know pretty BEM is a GIRL.  Mama is a girl, Mama should know another girl, right?  But she didn’t!  Daddy didn’t know either, and Daddy is wisest human ever, knows to program computer-thing where I learned to type.  Daddy uses only two fingers to type, but I can use all my claws to type.  But, not know how to program computer thing like Daddy.  Daddy says, will teach. I can get job then, be smart, work-from-home online like in commercial and earn $10,000 a day!  Mama sez Torchy watches too much TV. 

Anyway, poor BEM died, was sick, water wrong or something.  I not know life that just die without I eat it before and am very frightened.  What if I die?  What if Daddy or Mama or both of them die?  To die is to be gone, no more, does not feel bad like being sick, so maybe it was better BEM did die, but she is gone and my hu-mins are sad.

 Daddy sat me on his lap and tried to explain died.  Everything, he sez, lives only some time then is gone.  Dragons live long-long-long, hu-mins not so long unless little dragon needs them to be his own hu-mins.  Then they live long as little dragon like me needs them.  So Daddy and Mama will live for Torchy as long as need.

I ask, since I will always need because all two hearts break without my loves, my parents, will parents live always?  I hope this is true, but Daddy says no, it doesn’t work like that.  Mama gets tears, gives me kiss on head, but takes me to living room, shows me pic-ture I have seen before, man of white hair and Mama’s eyes, Gram-pa, her Daddy.  She sez, Gram-pa die before I am born, is the way of things.  Daddy show me pic-ture, too, of Gramma, his Mama, who also die.  Both say it was blessing, good thing, both were sick and hurting, but I am not sure.  I feel them both and they are much sad for Daddy’s Mama and Mama’s Daddy, still, though they were gone before I am born.  Now I know why hu-mans are all so sad sometimes, so sad and scared.  So soon they die!

 I am happy about that, not happy about die.  Daddy sez, this not matter, no choice for anybody.  Die stinks, cold-colder-coldest!!!!  Daddy sez, this true, but not worry. Can’t be helped, so live and be happy each day, learn, grow, know I am loved because there will never be another Torchy.  This is good and Daddy wise.  I will listen. 

Maybe it’s okay anyway.  Hu-mins, I know now, are brave as dragons.  They love each other as Mama and Daddy do even though they know how short their loving and living time must be.  I will love my parents and all hu-mins more now, be-cuz they need it to fight the fear of die, must learn loving is best. So much will I love that they will fear no more, be good, give help, love back.  This, I, Torchy, will do!

By Margaret Cartwright©