Never throw your dragon into the washer or dryer.

All our dragons have been Scotchguarded for your protection and their personal pleasure, because they just love the scent.  Though dragons do love to swim and can hold their breaths for hours at a time, they are creatures of the air.  Not only do their little swims scare the heck out of your aquarium fish, as well as neighbors sneaking in to use your hot tub on the sly, they tend to leave scales on your laundry.  Dragons also get motion sick if you spin them.  Dragon barf is pretty much molten and the nicest thing it will do in your washer is to burn holes in your clothes.  Please do not let them ride in the laundry appliances, no matter how much they beg.  Lots of things that look like fun…just aren’t.  Not for dragons. 

Also, don’t get them wet.  Dragons have delicate pose-able wings, with thin wiring inside that can rust. 


Never dry clean your dragon.

Our dragons are made of vintage and scrap fabrics, some of which do not withstand dry cleaning.  I have had good luck with carpet and upholstery foam, used to clean any spots. A small amount does it, and use a soft toothbrush to scrub the spot. Febreze is ok, in limited amounts, but do a color test on an inconspicuous spot first, just in case.  Dragons don’t usually smell bad, but they do get into things like the garbage can, the litter box, and the local renaissance festival food court.

Other Cautions

We do not recommend our dragons for small children, due to the buttons and wires used for the poseable limbs and wings, the plastic eyes, and the somewhat sharp natural seashells used to make the horns.  We can make them without the horns for you, but the buttons and wires are not optional.  Be sure your child knows they should not pull off and swallow small parts.  There is also a sand weight in the tail of your dragon, and the occasional small child has discovered that the tail can make a dandy bludgeon.  Therefore, we unfortunately declare the adoption of one of our dragons to be a privilege much like owning a dog…more for kids who are ready for the responsibility of taking care of them.

Don’t worry about much grooming or feeding. Dragons, like cats, groom themselves. As for food, you may find that your house has suddenly become free of annoying pests like door-to-door salespeople, visiting in-laws, census takers, and cockroaches.  Take this eventuality as a gift, and don’t ask. Dragons are the ideal companions because there's no need for special chow. Although they may help themselves to food that’s left out on the counter, they love to cook for themselves and you. You can treat them occasionally; they love both bituminous coal and Jiffy-Pop. Please do not feed them anthracite.  Though they love it, it gives ‘em gas.  Believe me, I know. 

Enjoy your new dragon friend!